ALCOHOL: how reduce your intake, stop binge drinking, or stop drinking altogether with hypnotherapy

Do you want to take control and reduce alcohol intake? Hypnotherapy can help.

This page gives examples of how hypnotherapy can help reduce your alcohol intake, stop binge drinking,  or quit drinking alcohol altogether.

With much of the British population currently exceeding the Government’s guidelines for alcohol intake, people are adding greater risks to our health.

Hypnotherapy can help control your drinking habits.

I can work with clients to help them.  Whether you wish to to  quit alcohol completely, limit alcohol intake, or stop binge drinking, I can work with you.

The government advise states that men should not drink more than four units of alcohol a day. For women, it’s no more than three units of alcohol a day. For example a large glass of wine is around 3.4 units, so two with dinner takes women into ‘binge’ territory – defined as eight or more units in a single session for men and six or more for women.

What is your weekly intake of alcohol?

Alcopops: 1.5 units
Standard glass of champagne: 1.8 units
Pint of cider: 2.6 units
250ml glass of wine: 3 units
25ml spirit: 1 unit
Lager: 2.5 units
*Figures approx from

‘The recommended units are low for a reason,’ says Emily Robinson, director of campaigns at the charity Alcohol Concern. ‘In fact, there is a review under way as to whether the current guidelines are too generous. A review of research discovered that having just one or two standard alcoholic drinks a day increases your risk of several cancers reports

Other health issues include Liver problems, reduced fertility, high blood pressure, and heart attack.
(National Hypnotherapy Society Dec 2013)


Reduce alcohol intake and feel healthier

And there can, of course, be many other negative social effects from excess alcohol. These may be relationship problems, stress,   not performing in work, or taking time off work because you cant face the next morning.  Not to mention hangovers; vomiting; acting out of character (swearing; shouting or even violence)….

Did you know that although we may often fall asleep quickly when we have been drinking alcohol, alcohol actual interferes with sleep quality,  and thus affecting overall health.